Key Issues on Zoom Use

  • Use the Zoom desktop APP instead of a browser version.

  • Install the most current version of the Zoom Desktop APP on your computer. Visit for the most recent version.

  • Use the Zoom Desktop APP from a computer instead of from a mobile device, esp. so when you have a presenting role.

  • Test in advance to make sure the Zoom APP functions properly on your computer. Zoom provides an easy-to-use test site at

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

  • Turn off all unnecessary apps on your computer.

  • When you are presenting, unmute and share your file (PDF or PPT) in “Full Screen” mode. 

  • Stay muted if you are not speaking.


  • How do I ask a question during a session?

    Please submit your questions via the Zoom Q&A feature.  The Session Chair may allow you to ask questions verbally via the Zoom Raise Hand feature. To raise your hand in Zoom, click on “Participants” and then “Raise Hand”.

  • What if  I can't hear the speakers?

    Check to make sure your speakers or headphones are turned up to an appropriate volume. If you have internal speakers, make sure they are not muted. If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and are not muted. If all else fails, try log out and log back into the zoom webinar.

  • I have downloaded Zoom, but I am having trouble viewing a session.

    Be sure you are using a supported browser (Google Chrome or Safari).  Clear your browser's cache. This guide will walk you through the process:

  • As participant, do I need to download Zoom?

    We highly recommend using the Zoom desktop app, as it provides a much more robust user experience than joining from your browser; however, it is not required. To download the Zoom desktop app, please visit

  • What internet browser do you recommend using for the conference?

    Use the latest version of Chrome or Safari.

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